• Komandarev
    Stephan Komandarev
    Stephan Komandarev is a Bulgarian director, producer and scriptwriter, who has a number of award-wining documentaries and feature films such as: The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner, 2008 (It was the first Bulgarian film, shortlisted for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscar Academy Awards (2010), the most world-wide theatrical released Bulgarian film ever: it was distributed in 93 countries, won 35 awards at international film festivals, one third of which were audiences’ awards); The Town of Badante Women (doc., 2009), Alphabet of Hope (2003, doc), Bread over the Fence (doc., 2002), Dog’s Home (1999). He is 2011 EAVE graduate and Member of the Bulgarian Film Directors’ Association and Bulgarian Film Producers’ Association. Member of the European Film Academy.


  • Asen
    Assen Blatechki

    He was born in 1971 in Sofia. In 1996 he graduates in Acting from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Bulgaria in the class of prof. Stefan Danailov. He is one of the most acclaimed Bulgarian actors and has played more than 30 roles in the theatre and starred in more than 30 films. He began his performances on stage as a student with roles in the plays “Measure for Measure,” “Crazy for Love”, “Lazaritsa,” “Intruders”. He made his directoral debut with the play “Crazy for Love”, followed by “Of Mice and Men”, “Laughter in the hall”, “Roberto Zuko”, “Forbidden for God”. He has roles in many theater productions, including “Richard III”, “The Marriage of Figaro,” “Three penny Opera,” “Master and Margarita”, “Blood Wedding,” “A Streetcar Named ‘Desire’, ‘Leather and sky”, “Sex, drugs and rock and roll “, “Vrazhaletz”, “The former wife of my life” and others.


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  • Miki
    The Captain
    Miki Manojlovic

    He was born in 1950 in Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia). He is one of the leading theater and film actors in the Balkans and Europe. He has worked with directors such as Emir Kusturica, Goran Paskaljevic, Rajko Grlic, Danis Tanovic, Srdjan Dragojevic. His most famous roles were in the films of Emir Kusturica – “Father in Business” (1985), “Underground” (1995) and “Black Cat, White Cat” (1998). In 2004 he was awarded the “Pavle Vuisic” prize for his contribution to cinema, and in 2008 the Sofia Award for his contribution to world cinema. He plays the role of Bai Dan in the previous film directed by Stephan Komanadarev – “The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner” (2008).

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  • Ovanes
    Ovanes Torosian

    Graduated Acting from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Bulgaria in 2009 in the class of professor Plamen Markov and Ivaylo Hristov. He has roles in several theater productions, including “Billy, the liar” – dir. Ivaylo Hristov (2007); “The Pillowman” – dir. Stayko Murdzhev (2009); “Playing the victim” – dir. Ivaylo Hristov (2009); “The lieutenant of Inishmor” – dir. Ivaylo Hristov (2010); “Belgrade Trilogy” – dir. Ivaylo Hristov (2011); “Anarchy in Bavaria” – dir. Abadzhieva Lily (2012); “Idiot 2012” – dir. Desi Shpatova (2012); “Hamlet” – dir. Yavor Gurdev (2012). He is one of the founders of the theater “Replica”.


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  • Maria
    Ina Nikolova
  • Kera
    Paraskeva Djukelova
  • Ramadan
    Vasil Vasilev – Zueka
  • The Doctor
    Meto Jovanovski
  • Zhoro
    Hristo Mutafchiev


  • Katya
    Producer, Bulgaria
    Katya Trichkova

    Katya Trichkova is a Bulgarian producer. She has graduated Law and Film and TV directing. In 2009 she became a founder and manager of Contrast Films – a production company based in Sofia, aimed at supporting independent film and theater productions. Since 2011 she is also working as a freelance producer/consultant for other Bulgarian production companies, such as Argo Film (founded by Bulgarian director Stephan Komandarev (“The world is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner”); Tara Tree Pictures, Izograph and other. In 2011 she participated in Sarajevo Talent Campus and Kyoto Filmmakers Lab. 

  • Marin
    Marin Damyanov

    Marin Damyanov is a Bulgarian scriptwriter and writer, author of many books, awarded at prestigious national and international competitions. He has worked as an editor in studio for motion picture “Bojana” in the units “Alfa” and  “64” from 1987 until 1989. He 1988 he is the dialogist of the movie “Margarit and Margarita”  (1988), “The goat horn” (1994); co-writer of several films, amongst which “The mirror of the devil” (2001), “Lady Z” (2005) and “The Judgment” (2014).


  • Polly
    Producer, Bulgaria
    Polly Guentcheva

    Polly Guentcheva is a Bulgarian Film Director and Producer. She has Master Degree in Law from Law Faculty of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and Master Degree in Film and TV Directing from New Bulgarian University.Her debut in film-directing started in 2011 with her short film “Salty & Sweet”, created during her study in Film and TV Directing  at the New Bulgarian University and selected worldwide in more than 10 International Film Festivals, such as: Lucerne International Film Festival; New York Los Angeles International Film Festival, and other.


  • Emil
    Emil Spahyiski

    Emil Spahyiski is a Bulgarian journalist and screenwriter. He has 
extensive experience in print media, television and screenwriting.
 He specialized scriptwriting in NATFA and European University for peace and conflict studies, Austria. He was honored with several national awards for journalism. His experience in TV starts with Bulgarian version of the reality
show “Survivor” as field producer and screenwriter, Season II, III and V.
 Emil Spahiyski is screenwriter of “I dreamed EUROPA”, prod. “Studio
Vreme”; top rated TV series “Stolichani v poveche” (Season I, II), broadcasted on bTV; He is also co-writer for “The Judgment”, feature film of the director and producer Stephan 

  • Boris
    Producer, Croatia
    Boris T. Matic

    Propeler film –

    He graduated in Journalism from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Universiy of Zagreb. He has been engaged in visual arts, marketing, event production and design, and, in cooperation with other authors, for his work has received several Croatian and foreign awards. He has produced the first independent film in Croatia, Mondo Bobo, which has won numerous prizes. He is the founder, the first director and a co-owner of Motovun Film Festival, and since 2003 he has been the founder and director of Zagreb Film Festival, the largest film festival in Croatia.


  • Vladimir
    Producer, Macedonia
    Vladimir Anastasov

    Sektor film –

    A graduate in Film, Theatre and TV Production from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, Vladimir Anastasov started his career as a line producer and then as a producer of several documentaries, short films and feature films.

    In 1997, he co-founded the Skopje Film Festival and was appointed in 2002 as the executive director of “Manaki Brothers” International Film Festival held in Bitola.

  • Producer, Macedonia
    Angela Nestorovska
  • Producer, Germany
    Alexander Ris
  • Producer, Germany
    Christine Haupt
  • Executive Producer, Bulgaria
    Christopher Bojilov (Fori)
  • Director of Photography
    Krasimir Andonov
  • Editor
    Nina Altaparmakova
  • Art Director
    Rossitsa Bakeva
  • Costume Designer
    Elena Stoyanova
  • Composer
    Stefan Vulodobrev
  • Script Supervisor
    Milena Michaylova
  • Make-up Artist
    Goran Ignjatovski